We are those who Endured the darkness, Yet chose to shine. 

HEAVENS HEATHENS REMNANT ALBUM  FROM ** Heavens Heathens REMNANT CD | Eye Luk | Loc Saint | Enfluentz


Eye Luk, Loc Saint & Enfluentz have teamed up to bring you our first group album. “Heavens Heathens: Remnant”. This explosive 16 track album is non stop heat from beginning to end. World Changing truth bombs weaved in revolutionary style, Eye Luk, Loc Saint and Enfluentz put their fingers on the trigger and do not let up. Album drops on all platforms July 1st.


German born but Nashville raised, Eye Luk is known for his diverse style. Whether it’s spittin about the street life; from dope dealing, robbing, addictions, and lock-up to topics of demons, spirits, the metaphysical and esoteric, there is no stone left unturned. Having overcome that revolving door of incarceration, addictions, and a toxic lifestyle, Eye Luk was able to focus on the craft that he’d been harnessing since the early age of 10. His aim is to use music to share his message in hopes it helps others still lost in the darkness.
By stepping out from the shadows to live as a light, Heavens Heathens was founded and is now a cornerstone connecting artists with similar messages of lessons learned from a troubled past. Always raw and real, (although sometimes dark and grimy) you can be sure there’s always a message to be made or story to be told.


Born hungry for the mic, legend has it that Loc Saint came out hustling on day one & never looked back.  By the young age of ten, he was already confidently making his way into the underground Hip-Hop scene, recording his rhymes on a karaoke machine & making cassette tapes to pass around to the other kids on the block, establishing his name synonymously with entertainment early-on around The Wash where he grew up.  Discovering a powerful connection to music and a natural ability to spit hot bars with a vibrant flow that was continually evolving at a superhuman pace – the young emcee refined his talent over the years to follow until his game was bulletproof and the Loc Saint Sound was solidified.