Heavens Heathens -REMNANT-CD


Heavens Heathens Remnant Album CD      16 Tracks

℗ Loc Saint, Eye Luk, Enfluentz

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Heavens Heathens REMNANT CD

Contains 16 tracks

1. Revolution (INTRO)

2. Warhead

3. Lions

4. No Regrets

5. Heavens Heathens

6. Trigger

7. Devices

8. Oppose Us

9. Times An Illusion

10. Alright

11. Free Speech

12. Pharmakia Corruption

13. Wheat From Tales

14. Selfie

15. Trouble

16. Stay Strong (OUTRO)

℗ Loc Saint, Eye Luk, Enfluentz
Album Released on: 2022-07-01


songs can be downloaded for those who wish to save the songs to a device so no internet is needed to listen at a later time.

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  1. thedailymock

    This cd is LEGIT on FIRE!!! 🙂

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